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Actress Rene Russo (I) contact number, email address id, home address information. Rene Russo (I) born February 17, 1954 in Burbank, California, USA authentic Phone, Email and Residence Address, Wiki, Bio, Facts, Height, Date of Birth, Quotes, Awards and Work details.

Rene Russo (I) ( Actress )

Rene Russo              (I) Contact Info
Rene Russo (I) Contact Info

Rene Russo was born in Los Angeles,California,to Shirley(Balocca),a barmaid and factory laborer,and Nino Russo. She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Her father,a sculptor and mechanic,left the family when Rene was just two,and thus her mother raised Rene and her sister, Toni,as a single mother. Her father is of Italian descent,and her mother, Italian -, German -, British-Irish descent, is called. In middle school,Rene was plagued with scoliosis and had to wear a full-torso brace. She was a great girl, her the nickname”Jolly Green Giant”from your friends. She entered the bus rose high school, along with classmate Ron Howard,and even though her brace was removed,she was still somewhat alone. Can’t be dealing with school, work, and school social scene,Ren left school after the tenth grade. Because money is tight,she began a variety of jobs over the next 18 months,many for the free benefits. Your sales r

  • Rene Russo (I) Fact: Lives in Los Angeles and Toluca Lake, California.
  • Specialty of Rene Russo (I): Wavy red hair and piercing blue eyes.

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Birthday: February 17, 1954
Birth Name: Rene Russo (I)
Birthplace:Burbank, California, USA
Star Sign: Aquarius
Nick Names: Renee Russo
Occupation: Actress
Height: 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
User ID:7083548

Works and Awards:

Rene Russo (I) Contact Information:

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House Address for Actress Rene Russo (I) is: Rene Russo (I), Burbank, California, USA.

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That’s a really good question – what is it like living with a writer? I guess it depends on the writer. You know what? They live in a fantasy world a lot of the time. My husband lives in a fantasy world. It’s really hard for him to be in the world, because if his head isn’t in a script, I guess to write what he does, he has to sort of twist the world a little bit and live in a fantasy. And I …

Rene Russo (I)

Questions by Fans and Followers:

Question 1: What is born of Rene Russo (I)?
Answer: Rene Russo (I) born on February 17, 1954 in Burbank, California, USA.

Question 2: What is contact number of Rene Russo (I)?
Answer: Rene Russo (I) contact number is given in details above.

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Question 3: Is Rene Russo (I) dead or alive?
Answer: Rene Russo (I) is alive and healthy as per 2020.

Question 4: What is Rene Russo (I) Horoscope?
Answer: Rene Russo (I) born February 17, 1954 . So, horoscope sign is Aquarius .

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