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Actor Steve Carell phone number, email address, house address information. Steve Carell born August 16, 1962 in Concord, Massachusetts, USA authentic Phone, Email and Residence Address, Wiki, Bio, Height, Facts, Dob, Quotes, Awards and Work details.

Steve Carell ( Actor )

Steve Carell Contact Info
Steve Carell Contact Info

Steve grey,one of America’s most versatile comics,was born Steven John Gray on August16,1962, in Concord,Massachusetts. He is the son of Teresa(coach),psychiatric nurse,and Edwin A. Lang man,an electrical engineer. His mother was of Polish descent and his father of Italian and German ancestry(Steve’s grandfather had changed the surname from”Caroselli”to”the state”). Steve was an education in more light, or of the school, all boys private school in Concord,Massachusetts,then Middleton in a school in Concord. After graduating from Denison University in Granville,Ohio,and the Chicago company he teaches improvisation, stand-up Comedy class performed with the Second City troupe,together with Stephen Colbert. He made his film debut as”Tesio”in Curly Sue(1991). 1996), a cast member of the Dana carvey Show(1996),he provided the voice for Gary,opposite the”Ambiguously Gay Duo”. This short animated series produced by the school of life Robert Conti

  • Steve Carell Fact: When he attended the premiere for Bruce Almighty (2003), he came to the screening with the impression that his scenes were left on the cutting-room floor. However, his scenes were in the film, and he was pleasantly surprised.
  • Specialty of Steve Carell: Often plays characters who derive humor from awkward situations See more »

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Birthday: August 16, 1962
Birth Name:Steve Carell
Birthplace:Concord, Massachusetts, USA
Star Sign: Leo
Nick Names: Steven Carel | Steve Carel | Steven Carell | Steven Carrel | Steven Carrell | Steve Carrell
Occupation: Actor
Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
User ID:3478127

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Steve Carell Contact Information:

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House Address for Actor Steve Carell is: Steve Carell, Concord, Massachusetts, USA.

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[on playing Maxwell Smart in the upcoming Get Smart (2008)] I am sort of billing it as a comedic “Bourne Identity”. [referring to The Bourne Identity (2002)] (2007)

Steve Carell

Questions by Fans and Followers:

Question 1: What is date of birth of Steve Carell?
Answer: Steve Carell born on August 16, 1962 in Concord, Massachusetts, USA.

Question 2: What is phone number of Steve Carell?
Answer: Steve Carell contact number is given in details above.

Question 3: Is Steve Carell dead or alive?
Answer: Steve Carell is alive and healthy as per 2020.

Question 4: What is Steve Carell Horoscope?
Answer: Steve Carell born August 16, 1962 . So, horoscope sign is Leo .

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